William A. Donius

Author, Strategist, Ideator

My perspective has been shaped as the result of over 35 years in a wide range of companies and industries. I discovered I didn’t have all the answers coming out of business school and, like many of you, I’ve had many successes as well as failures along the way.

I spent an especially rewarding 20 years building a team and leading the charge as CEO of Pulaski Financial Corp. I successfully took the company public (PULB) and continued to grow it over eightfold. After successfully confronting my own demons, I decided to do what I could to go out and make the world a better place when I was financially able to do so at age 50.

Hundreds of interviews led me down the path to where I am today.  I believe if people took action to unlock their full potential, the world would be a better place. By getting unstuck, we’re able to live more intentional, authentic, happier lives. I teach individuals and teams a tool that can help them in speaking engagements, ideation sessions and in strategic settings. Because the methodology is easy to use, I’m able to spend time helping them apply it to the obstacles, challenges and barriers they face. If they choose to do so, they’re able to continue to apply it to every area of their lives. It’s fun and rewarding work. I have a blast doing it. 

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