Esalen Institute Workshop: Sold Out!

I am both excited and somewhat regretful to announce that my upcoming workshop, Meet Your Better Half: Unlock Your Right Brain, being held at the beautiful Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, is officially sold out. Excited because I will have the pleasure of sharing my unique creative problem-solving methodology with so many incredibly interesting and diverse individuals, and regretful of the fact that Esalen simply cannot accept more registrations due to lack of housing facilities.

Sincerely appreciate this show of support for my workshop. Thanks to those of you who are willing to take the plunge with me. This will be a deeper dive than the typical Ideation workshop.  I am eagerly anticipating a highly productive and engaging weekend of self-discovery and overcoming personal and professional roadblocks.

To everyone who signed up, my most sincere and heartfelt thanks, and to those who were not able to register for this event, stay tuned to my emails and social media accounts for more exciting opportunities to interact with me coming up on the horizon.