Esalen Meet Your Better Half


Join me at Esalen!


Learn to activate the right side of your brain to unlock the insights necessary to break through self-limiting patterns. Based on a Nobel Prize-winning discovery in neuroscience, this methodology helps you think outside the box and live a more creative, productive, happier life.

William Donius, author of the New York Times bestseller Thought Revolution, spent a decade researching and developing this brain-enhancing methodology. He has taught these skills to a wide range of people, from students and corporate executives to scientists and artists. This innovative approach inspires more creative solutions than conventional thinking or brainstorming sessions. Through easy-to-learn exercises, you can discover ways to harness your intuition and uncover profound insights about yourself that make change possible. You’ll develop practical tools you can apply each time you face an important decision or obstacle in life. You can go home with new ways to unlock your own inner genius and create the life you long for. Please bring a notebook or journal and a pen.

Recommended reading: Donius, Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius.


“It was a pleasure meeting you at Esalen. The insights an knowledge I received from this course have been profound for me and I thank you. The voice eminating from right brain during the Thought Revolution exercises was very different from the typical everyday ‘Jeff” chatter in my head. I had heard that voice really only once before, and thought it was god speaking to me then. Well, I heard that voice again this past weekend and guess he/she resides in my right brain.”

-Jeff V.