Esalen Wrap Up + Ideation Sessions

My workshop at Esalen Institute was an incredible experience. I received positive feedback from the participants and enjoyed leading the weekend’s sessions. I look forward to facilitating additional weekends of self-discovery, growth, and personal insight. The overwhelming show of support I had from the diverse group of participants was inspiring and reassures me that I am actively pursuing my life’s genuine purpose. Their willingness to trust in my unique methodology for encouraging highly creative and innovative thinking was nothing short of beautiful. I cannot think of a more perfect way to spend a weekend and I am deeply thankful for everyone who supported or attended.

Check out this amazing testimonial I received from one of the workshop participants, as well as the photos I captured from this idyllic retreat, to get a sense of how powerful and life-changing right-brain can be!

The insights and knowledge I received from your course have been profound for me and I thank you. The voice emanating from my right brain during the Thought Revolution exercises was very different from the typical everyday 'Jeff' chatter in my head. I had heard that voice really only once before, and I thought it was God speaking to me then. Well, I heard the God voice again this past weekend and I guess he/she resides in my right brain. A thousand thanks!
Jeff V

In case you missed out on this opportunity to learn how to activate the right side of your brain and reconcile those ideas with the more conventional ones in what I’ve termed, Ideation, don’t forget that I am available to lead Ideation sessions for your company! I’ve worked with numerous global brands, Fortune 500 companies, investor groups, and industry conferences to cut through the noise and confusion inherent in big businesses. The results: consensus and clarity of ideas leading to bottom-line growth and lasting innovation. I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise with your organization!