Fresh Perspective: Do you have Genius Inside?

Albert Einstein said, “We’re all geniuses.” Yet, just invoking his name can create some performance anxiety for the rest of us mere mortals. (Scientists discovered his brain actually was bigger than the normal brain.) However, when it comes to finding our own inner genius, if we’re overly intimidated by this thought, we’re likely to give up without really trying.

Research shows most inventors come up with their big, breakthrough inventions while in their twenties. This was true for Einstein, too. We’re much less likely to be judgmental, to worry, to be invested in the status quo, and to be “married and mortgaged” in our twenties. We’re more likely to take risks and are probably in better physical shape, too. So, perhaps these are all reasons we’re more likely to tap into that inner genius during this stage of our life. And, in this new gold rush of Internet commerce, doing so today can lead to great rewards and riches.
But, what about those of us over age 29? Can we still find our inner genius? If we’ve been trudging along in the same patterns for decades, this might seem difficult to do.
Allow me to offer myself up as Exhibit A. I learned a completely new thinking style and methodology just after I turned 40 and had taken the reins of a public company as CEO. I needed all the intellectual firepower I could muster to grow the company amidst a very competitive landscape.

The gift vs. the servant

Einstein said, ” “The intuitive mind [the right hemisphere] is a sacred gift and the rational mind [the left hemisphere] is a faithful servant.”
Our left hemisphere is known as the source of thinking skills that are:
  • Linear
  • Logical
  • Analytical
The right hemisphere is known to be the source of:
  • Artistry
  • Music
  • Intuition
  • Problem-solving
And, Einstein’s conclusion was, “We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
I worked hard for decades using all of my conventional thought processes and making progress, yet I only understood what Einstein meant by the “sacred gift” after I developed and applied this unorthodox, but scientifically proven method to engage the right hemisphere of the brain. That’s when I began to harness the best of both worlds by generating big, innovative ideas that could be more fully developed after they were retrieved from the deep recesses of presumably my right brain. I quickly discovered the difference between typical average ideas and bold, transformational ones. Bold ideas allowed me the insights to create a better strategy for growth and success and as a result, my company grew eightfold over a 12-year period.
 I wondered if my experience was a one off? Although Dr. Roger Sperry won his Nobel Prize in 1981 for his discovery about hemispheric division in the brain, I had not seen evidence that his work was applied beyond the art and psychological worlds. So, I set out to discover if the process of intuitive writing could help other business people discover their sacred gift or inner genius.
After many trials and interviews, I was able to say definitively that, yes, indeed, others were also able to use that prize-winning premise to unlock another part of their brains and get different, innovative and many times better answers than they would have been able to get with their conventional thought process.
The first team I worked with learned this methodology and discovered several innovative ideas that directly led to a 19% bottom line improvement for the company, during the recession of 2009.
Many of the experiences I had working with organizations of all sizes are captured in the updated, revised edition of my book, “Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius.” You can experience how this works. Watch my TEDx Talk here or click here to discover how intuitive writing works.

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