Innovation Assessment

Welcome to the Innovation Grader!  Please answer all of the questions to see where your organization currently ranks on the "Innovation Index".

Do you have a full-time, dedicated staff whose only job is innovation-related?

Do you have a program to find and nurture innovative thinkers in your company?

Do you have a budget dedicated to innovation initiatives in your company?

Are most of your big problems solved internally or by outside consultants/firms?

Is EVERYONE in your company rewarded for coming up with innovative ideas and fostering innovation?

Do you have innovation goals in your company that are included in your strategic plan?

Do you have processes for measuring the success of your innovation efforts?

Do you have a support system in place dedicated to taking innovative ideas and turning them into results or solutions for your company?

Is your organization’s CEO familiar with your innovation initiatives?

Are innovative or entrepreneurial initiatives celebrated internally and publicized externally for your company?

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