“My Life is As Good As It Gets”

“My Life is As Good As It Gets”
(or is it? Lie # 5 outlined in Thought Revolution)

Does the title of this article seem like a positive statement or a negative one? At first, these sound like the words of someone who is content but, on closer examination, the sense of resignation comes through.

The implication is that life can’t get any better, but is that because it is so good, or because there is no possibility for improvement.  When we believe the lie, “My life is as good as it gets,” we are likely ignoring the truth that, “My life just isn’t really all that good.”

This is often the case not just with people who are struggling, but with people who have all the outward appearances of success such as wealth, status, influence, and prestige.  It was true for me.  At the height of my corporate career, I had enough money to live very well, and yet, I felt that resignation.  Something was definitely missing, but I was willing to settle and maintain the status quo rather than look at what was wrong.  For a long time, I was willing to tell myself that I must be happy because I had what most people dreamed of having.  Eventually, however, I recognized the lie for what it was, and discovered what was really important.

Managing (or lowering) expectations of what life can be means we won’t be disappointed much.  Unfortunately, we won’t be very happy either.  If you find yourself expressing resignation about your life—believing that it is as good as it gets— ask yourself,  “Could life be any better?”

Asking the question opens us up to all sorts of possibilities if we are willing to look for the answers.  Even small changes in attitude, behavior, perspective or perception can have a big payoff when it comes to your overall happiness.

For even greater impact, write down your answer.  Draw a line under what you’ve written.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and switch the pen to your non-dominant hand and don’t switch it back.    Ask yourself the question again, “Could my life be any better?”  Open your eyes and start writing your answer with your non-dominant hand.   This will feel strange at first, but go with it as you literally begin thinking differently!  You will likely be surprised by the insight you gain by accessing your right brain.

Learn more about this process in my book, Thought Revolution.

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