Getting Off the Hamster Wheel: From Achilles Heel to Super Power

Most of us live busy lives. It’s easy to feel like the proverbial hamster– going faster and faster on the wheel, in an attempt to “get it all done.” Although […]

The Importance of ‘I’ in Team

We’ve all heard motivational speakers tout the fact that there is no “I” in team. The clever wordplay suggests that for teams to be effective, they must shun individual egos […]

Ditching the Drone. Going for Genius.

Could Moccasins Save Your Job?

Thinking Differently About Work When I noticed what turned out to a music teacher Jesse Bunge wearing slippers while traveling through Denver yesterday, they caught my attention. He stated they […]

Why Is It Tough to Innovate. Answer: We’re Left-Brained

Hacking Your Brain to Get Unstuck – Bill Donius – Innovation City with Venture Cafe St. Louis

I was honored to be asked to interview on the podcast by SLAM Agency, Innovation City, located in the Venture Cafe.

Esalen Wrap Up + Ideation Sessions

My workshop at Esalen Institute was an incredible experience. I received positive feedback from the participants and enjoyed leading the weekend’s sessions. I look forward to facilitating additional weekends of […]

Esalen Institute Workshop: Sold Out!

I am both excited and somewhat regretful to announce that my upcoming workshop, Meet Your Better Half: Unlock Your Right Brain, being held at the beautiful Esalen Institute in Big […]

Confronting Fear: A Big Jump

Jumping off a 50-foot rock in Costa Smeralda (coast of Sardinia, Italy) was not something I had planned to do during a recent week of sailing to celebrate my 60th […]

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

“Freedom” will be celebrated in pools, backyards and BBQ’s over the coming weeks.  Celebrating our country’s independence is clearly worthy of celebration. Rarely do we take time to contemplate what […]

From Confusion to: Consensus and Clarity

Every organization has some level of confusion running through its veins. This is the stuff that causes blocks, blind spots and slows revenue growth. Blame is partially attributable to both […]

From Brainstorming to Ideation

Brainstorming…the darling strategic planning management tool that dates back to the late 1930’s, oftentimes in today’s world comes up short of producing new, exciting and workable ideas. The “tried and […]

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