You Can’t Get There from Here… Wait, you can.

Just as it is increasingly difficult to fly non-stop to your desired destination via the airlines, for most of us, it’s nearly impossible to get to a fresh, innovative, different point of view about home and work via our traditional thought processes.

Why can’t we get there?

As humans we crave the familiar and avoid change — even if the familiar isn’t working that well for us. We get into these deeply ingrained patterns and become almost robotic. We punch in, go through the motions, attend meetings, and complete tasks. But, we miss the big, breakthrough ideas that could dramatically improve our lives.

The choice is to stay stuck or attempt to break through to new thinking and fresh insights. Is there a way to gain this new perspective without hooking our brains up to wires or taking hallucinogenic drugs? (They may produce a different thought process but it may not be a desirable one.) So, what’s left?

Over the past thirty-three years since entering college, I’ve tried a number of approaches, read lots of books and attended many seminars. I suppose if you’re interested in making progress in life, many approaches can help to varying degrees.

I’ve not found one as simple and effective however as learning to use my own thought processes in a truly different manner. I was skeptical at first. Like most, I wondered if an unorthodox technique could also be effective? I’m referring to the ideation technique of tapping into a different part of the brain, specifically the right hemisphere.

Scientists still debate how our brain works. It’s the most complicated organism on the planet. Dr. Roger Sperry won a Nobel Prize for his discovery of hemispheric division in the brain in 1981. In the decades since his discovery has been adapted in the art and psychological fields to help us think differently, by using our brains differently. The solution? A technique we can learn to activate the right hemisphere of the brain to give us an independent, more intuitive, creative answer to the problems we confront.

It works in an almost magical fashion. If I hadn’t been using this methodology for the past nearly fifteen years, I might doubt its veracity. I initially learned the method to assist with a personal issue. When it proved to be effective at helping me gain a helpful perspective, I turned my focus to testing this process in business settings. It worked extremely well there too. After retiring from my job as a bank CEO, I got hooked enough to spend the past six years doing research to determine how best to adapt this groundbreaking methodology for business people so they could use it to solve business problems as well as break through personal obstacles.

Disruptive Innovation is more than the latest buzzword. You can learn to activate your right brain to harvest those big, innovative, intuitive, creative thoughts.

Simply put, you actually can get there from here.

Are you ready from some fresh, innovative thinking for yourself and your business?