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Designed to focus
on a particular problem

A strategic review

or imagining
“what’s next?”



Designed to focus on a particular problem, a strategic review, or imagining “what’s next” for a team or an organization. You define the scope. We capture their best thinking. Together, we build a plan to move forward. The first step is learning the unique methodology for activating the right hemisphere of the brain. From there, we’ll proceed with a facilitated session to capture and integrate newly extracted ideas into a range of possible solutions. The result? Actionable ideas that solve specific problems or even transform entire organizations. Lengths range from 2 to 4 hours.




We’re used to thinking in a conventional manner that is very linear, logical and analytical. While this is a solid approach to solving a problem, it turns out it’s not the only way to get the job done. And, may not even be the most effective way. Here’s where we can take our thinking to the next level, by deploying a Nobel winning discovery in science while we’re at it. By learning how to activate the right hemisphere of our brain, we’re able to unlock those creative, intuitive, oftentimes BIG insights needed to apply against those areas where we’ve been “Stuck”. Reconciling these creative insights through an analytical lens allows for better solutions to emerge.


Facilitating a team of independent thinkers through this process allows for the democratization of strategic problem solving as participants get to vote on the best solutions. In a single, short session teams are able to break through the noise and places where they’ve been stuck for years, in some cases. Since this is a thinking tool, it can be applied to any kind of problem-solving scenario, including innovation and strategic thinking and planning to produce a better result.


It’s a proven process that William Donius used to grow his business eightfold over a twelve year period and one that he’s taught to global organizations as well as small teams over the past 8 years. Learn more by requesting a case study on this methodology or by reading his book, Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius, published by Simon & Schuster in 2014.





I look forward to discussing what’s next for you or your team. Contact me and let’s start a discussion.