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April 12-14, 2024 | ESALEN, BIG SUR, CA

Learn to activate the right side of your brain to unlock the insights necessary to break through self-limiting patterns. Based on a Nobel Prize-winning discovery in neuroscience, this methodology helps you think outside the box and live a more creative, productive, happier life.


William Donius, author of the New York Times bestseller Thought Revolution, spent a decade researching and developing this brain-enhancing methodology. He has taught these skills to a wide range of people, from students and corporate executives to scientists and artists. This innovative approach inspires more creative solutions than conventional thinking or brainstorming sessions. Through easy-to-learn exercises, you can discover ways to harness your intuition and uncover profound insights about yourself that make change possible. You’ll develop practical tools you can apply each time you face an important decision or obstacle in life. You can go home with new ways to unlock your own inner genius and create the life you long for. Please bring a notebook or journal and a pen.


Recommended reading: Donius, Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius.



“I visited Esalen back in August 2021 for Bill Donius’s workshop called: “Meet Your Better Half: Unlock Your Right Brain”. The Esalen Institute itself is a fantastic spiritual place, immersed in nature and surrounded by breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean.


But Bill was able to make this place even more welcoming by creating a very open and warm atmosphere for people from all over the world, from founders and lawyers to venture capitalists and early Google engineers… And all these diverse people became very comfortable sharing their personal stories and being vulnerable within the first couple hours after we all arrived.


Btw, that was the exact first question Bill asked us: “Have you arrived?” And it was definitely a very deep and enlightening question, as it was very hard to feel fully arrived on Friday evening after a week of work and 3 hours of driving on the busy highways. But this question set the tone for the next 2 days: focus on the Power of Now, be honest with everyone around you, and immerse yourself in your feelings and emotions.”  >>> READ THE FULL TESTIMONIAL

“He was so open minded and helpful and was very passionate and knowledgeable about his material had a wonderful time and loved our course! Bill’s authenticity and comfort with who he is makes for a very safe and welcoming environment, guards are dropped and a palpable space starts to exist and I think that’s trickle down.”

“The instructor was very much in tune with the physical and emotional energy of the participants, both individually and as a group. It seemed like he could produce just the right activity or exercise that was called for at any given time, whether it was scripted or spontaneous. Perhaps the scope of the presentation could have been condensed a bit. I personally felt that the balance of free time to enjoy the surroundings of Esalen could have been augmented at the expense of a little bit of class time.”

“Very personable and talented presenter. He went above and beyond to work with participants in and out of the sessions. Give highest recommendations to continue the workshops”

“The workshop leader, Bill Donius was extremely passionate about the course and that the class was understanding the material. It was the right “give and take” between the class and Bill. He made the class feel at ease from the beginning and encouraged participation. He and the material was well received! Bravo!”

“Bill was truly the best part of the program. He was present for everyone in the room throughout the entire weekend, even at meal times and other breaks. He made the 50+ Person group feel like a big family. This was a magical weekend and I can’t wait to come back. ????”

“I loved Bill’s leadership style, presence, vulnerability, availability, and kindness. I needed his presence and workshop after 18 months of relative Covid isolation and not venturing far away from my community. Thank you for being an impressive and thoughtful facilitator all weekend.”

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